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 Worthy sneaker store wanted to increase their follower growth and traffic to their website, as well as engage with consumers on an artistic level using social media platforms as a tool to achieve this goal.



The "Are you Worthy?" Campaign was a t shirt deign contest that was hosted on the Worthy website and through their social media platforms. Participants were to submit a design that could be printed on a t shirt for a chance to win a 250 dollar gift card and have their t shirt sold on the website. Anyone who participated in the campaign would receive a t shirt with their design printed. The winner of the contest was decided through a poll system that was integrated on the worthy site. This encouraged the participants to post on their social media as well, to get their friends/followers involved in the voting process.



Over 100 people participated in the month long contest and Worthy's follower count increased by 2,000. Their average daily site traffic increased by 5% as well as an increase in sales.

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